Pomona Swap Meet!!!

I'll be at Pomona Swap Meet tomorrow.

Road# 12,  Row# 32

See you guys over there!!

Don't forget bringing your stuff!


New release

Kamikaze Pinstripe T-shirts!!


$0 for customer who got over $300 striping.

AND  I have to apologies about changed my schedule again.

I'll be at POMONA SWAP MEET on 25th for sure.

On sat, I'm gonna post which row and number I will be.

be sure to check it !!!



Hippy Killer

How you doing guys?

I was at Hippy Killer Party today, nice weather and cool shit were out there.

I'd done 3 helmets and 1 cover..... man,, Dame good!

!!!!!I'll be at Long Beach Swap Meet on April 25th!!!!!

BE SURE bringing your stuff over there guys!!!